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Founded in 2011, Joel of Pearl Travel Solutions has gained recognition as one of the finest Travel companies in Indian Subcontinent.

We are a regional company with offices in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai with over 3000 plus professionals working for various Global brands like :- Go Ibibo ,Yatra, Indigo .American express to name a few.

Our key expertise are:-Finance and Accounting fulfilment (including complete automated refund management system ) voice and blended process outsourcing ,visa fulfilment , 24*7 coverage highly skilled management team and leaders to ensure seamless delivery across clients with paramount emphasis on following the six sigma and lean sigma practices.

Leadership Our Founder has been associated with travel industry for over 27 years handling various marketing challenges and sales targets. His past assignments includes working with leading Tours operators & Airlines such as Pan Am, United Airlines. His aviation background and leadership skills has contributed to the continual success to our Business.

Joel of Pearl Travel Solutions is an organization specializing in the field of Representation, Sales &Marketing and PR activities on B2B platform of Indian Tourism industry. It is headquartered in New Delhi, capital city of India with a network office in Mumbai. The office is located in the heart of city and situated in Business district of in New Delhi with state of art infrastructure and experienced employees. We also have satellite office in Gurgaon.

In the age of globalization, tourism industry has not been far from its impact and it is imperative that each product and service provider adapts into globalization but also keep local culture intact.

Joel of Pearl Travel Solutions provides holistic range of services comprising various facet of Indian tourism industry. Our pioneering team comes with excellent experiences in the travel industry to provide in-depth knowledge and strength to your product.

Joel of Pearl Aviation Services also known as JOPAS is a Training Academy which trains new young, enthusiastic students to perform various responsibilities at the Airport. We train students keeping in mind their career and prospects of the job at the Airport. We not only educate them but also groom them to perform at different levels across the globe.